広尾 station: 5 min by walk

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late-night
Farm direct Locally grown Local cuisine Experience
Self-serve All-you-can-eat All-you-can-drink Take-away

Sashimi Platter (feeds 2) 1,944 yen
Today's Local Fish Salted Grill (feeds 2-3) 3,024 yen
Seasonal Pot Rice 2,700 yen

We are a restaurant where you can enjoy drinks along with natural seasonal ingredients cooked in the traditional Japanese kaiseki style. We are a restaurant named for the transitory nature of things, with our name drawing on Japan's unique concept of beauty. Combining the umami of our dishes that maximise the unique characteristics and rich flavours of our ingredients, with an array of alcohol with a focus on Japanese wine but also including champagne and wine, ours is a restaurant where you can enjoy the transitory nature of time along with the changing seasons.

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