teppachi hakkai

熊谷 station: 1 min by walk

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late-night
Farm direct Locally grown Local cuisine Experience
Self-serve All-you-can-eat All-you-can-drink Take-away

Today's Special Japanese Black Wagyu Steak (from 100g) 1,404 yen
Giant Shrimp with Black Pepper 918 yen
Butcher's Caesar Salad 950 yen

Kumagaya is another great place for sightseeing. In spring, within walking distance from Kumagaya station you can see cherry blossoms in full bloom at "Kumagaya Sakura Tsutsumi"; in summer enjoy the best gion festival in the Kanto area, the "Uchiwa-matsuri" (or Fans Festival) and the Kumagaya fireworks festival. In the surrounding areas we have places where you can experience Japanese culture all year round, including the national treasure, Shodenzan temple and the Oshijo palace in Gyoda city where you can see armor from the Period of Civil Wars (around 995A.D.) and other historical artifacts. You can also take a ride in an active steam train in Kumagaya. Full of natural beauty, this area has many activities for travelers to enjoy and we hope you enjoy making memories during your stay here.

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