Cuisine from other countries

Monsoon Cafe Lalaport Tokyo-Bay

船橋競馬場 station: 10 min by walk

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Late-night
Farm direct Locally grown Local cuisine Experience
Self-serve All-you-can-eat All-you-can-drink Take-away

Gapao fried rice with prime beef 1,814 yen
Tom yum kung 1,458 yen
Gado-gado quinoa and steamed vegetable salad 1,026 yen

Monsoon Café is said to have pioneered the ethnic food boom in Japan in the 1990s. Centred around the theme "healthy ethnic", our dishes are carefully selected from the foods of various Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and China, and utilize the original flavor of the ingredients in their preparation. For many years fresh spring rolls, tom yum kung, pad thai and pho have been part of our standard menu. We hope you enjoy a relaxing time in our restaurant with its Asian resort-inspired decor.

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