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Classic gapao fried rice with top-class American prime beef. The perfect balance between marbling and red meat means the flavor of the juicy beef fills your mouth with each bite.

Tom yum kung is one of the top 3 soups in the world. It is an unique soup that is spicy and sour with a complicated aroma. This is Monsoon café's classic dish and we'd love you to try it Half 756yen

Made using quinoa, which is currently making headlines around the world as a highly nutritious superfood. Mix through the special peanut sauce and slow-boiled egg before eating.

Monsoon Cafe Jiyugaoka Handy Info

 About Us / Welcome Message

Monsoon Café is said to have pioneered the ethnic food boom in Japan in the 1990s. Centred around the theme "healthy ethnic", our dishes are carefully selected from the foods of various Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and China, and utilize the original flavor of the ingredients in their preparation. For many years fresh spring rolls, tom yum kung, pad thai and pho have been part of our standard menu. We hope you enjoy a relaxing time in our restaurant with its Asian resort-inspired decor.

 Accommodating for

  • Vegetarian diners : Welcome (vegetarian menu options available)

 Busy Periods

  • We recommend booking the day before for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and holidays.

 Photos Welcome

  • It depends on how busy we are. Please refrain from taking photos inside the restaurant using bright flashes. We appreciate you k

 For Foreign Guests

  • Original English menu available
  • English speaking staff available

Monsoon Cafe Jiyugaoka Basics


Today is Wednesday, Jul. 28 2021
Please note our trading hours below

  • Mon.
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Tue.
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Wed.
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Thu.
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Fri.
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Sat.
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Sun.
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Public Holidays
    11:00 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)

 Temporary changes to opening hours

  • None currently

 Temporary closures / Booked out

  • None currently

 Address / Map

1st and 2nd floor, 1-4-8 Jiyugaoka, Meguro Ku, Tokyo 152-0035    Google Maps Google Maps


  • station: 3min by walk

 Phone number

03-5726-1366   ※Reservations accepted (English-speaking staff available)

Monsoon Cafe Jiyugaoka Some Details

 Seating Type / Availability

  • Total seats

 Smoking / non-smoking

  • Non-smoking

 Free wi-fi



No parking (please use the nearby coin operated parking station)

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  • After meal (table)
  • Credit cards Accepted
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