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The base is thin and crispy and we roll the dough after you place your order. Topped with onion, bell pepper, bacon, salami and cheese. Enjoy this hot, freshly baked pizza!

Eat as is or add Tabasco if desired. Extra cheese available. (Other extra toppings also available.)

Pour the percolated espresso on top of the vanilla ice-cream and enjoy.

You may also enjoy the vanilla ice-cream and the espresso separately. A mouthful of ice-cream, a sip of espresso….any way as you like!

Available as a set with a drink for 650 yen. Hand-whisked meringue is the secret to our fluffy chiffon. The cake is simply made with minimal ingredients. (Eggs, sugar, flour, tea, tea leaves and oil.)

Firstly taste the case as is and then add whipped cream if desired.

Allergy information (PDF)

Cafe ASPEN Handy Info

 About Us / Welcome Message

The family that owns this restaurant were born and raised in this town. You will be welcomed with a warm and homely atmosphere! We are only a 5 minute walk from the Yubatake and the bus terminal. Please drop by for a cup of tea when you are tired of walking. The restaurant does not have a break time during the day so you can enjoy our meals and drinks anytime during our opening hours.

 Accommodating for

  • Lone travellers : Welcome
  • Individuals can also feel at ease as we have many solo diners.
  • Travellers with children : Welcome
  • Crockery and high chairs are available for small children.
  • Travellers in wheelchairs : Welcome (no wheelchair access but we will assist you)

 Busy Periods

  • Booking is recommended during the New Year holiday, golden week and Obon holiday season (the middle of August) as they are high season periods.

 Photos Welcome

  • Feel free to take photos of your meal
  • We can take photos for you (please ask our staff)
  • Staff happy for you to take photos with them.

 For Foreign Guests

  • Taberukoto English menu available
  • English speaking staff available

Cafe ASPEN Basics


Today is Wednesday, Jul. 28 2021
Please note our trading hours below

  • Mon.
  • Tue.
    10:00 - 19:30(L.O  19:15)
  • Wed.
    10:00 - 19:30(L.O  19:15)
  • Thu.
    10:00 - 19:30(L.O  19:15)
  • Fri.
    10:00 - 19:30(L.O  19:15)
  • Sat.
    10:00 - 19:30(L.O  19:15)
  • Sun.
    10:00 - 19:30(L.O  19:15)
  • Public Holidays

 Temporary changes to opening hours

  • None currently

 Temporary closures / Booked out

  • None currently

 Address / Map

, 210-24 Kusatsu, Agatsuma Gun Kusatsu Machi, Gunma Prefecture 377-1711    Google Maps Google Maps


  • station: Walk 1min to the Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi bus stop and take a bus to Kusatsu Onsen at Naganohara Kusatsuguchi bus stop. It is about a 30 minute bus trip. Get off at Kusatsu Onsen bus stop. From the bus terminal it is a 5 minute walk.

 Phone number

0279-88-3973   ※Reservations accepted (English-speaking staff available)

Cafe ASPEN Some Details

 Seating Type / Availability

  • Total seats
  • Counter/bar
  • Table

 Smoking / non-smoking

  • Some smoking areas

 Free wi-fi




 Service fee / Late-night charge / Appetizer charge


  • After meal (counter)
  • Credit cards Accepted
  • VISA   MASTER   JCB   AMEX   Diners  

 Restaurant Established

Apr, 1996