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Our gyoza is all handmade gyoza, including the wrapper, and full of vegetables.

Firstly, eat as is. It is recommended eating with vinegar and pepper. It can also be enjoyed with soy sauce and chilli oil.

Soy sauced-based ramen with finely chopped nozawana, topped with sliced and fried bamboo shoots and pork.

We use local maitake mushrooms.

Firstly, eat as is. Enjoy with mustard or soy sauce.

Allergy information (PDF)

TOKAEN Handy Info

 About Us / Welcome Message

Our traditional Chinese restaurant is located in the back of the lane near the footbaths of the main area of Kusatsu Hot Springs. We are a family-run business with a relaxed atmosphere and have provided a hideaway-like restaurant loved by locals for more than 20 years. Not only the staple dishes, we provide meals using daily fresh ingredients to satisfy customer demand. We are open late so feel free to eat one last bowl of ramen! We are waiting for you!

 Accommodating for

  • Lone travellers : Welcome
  • Single customers welcome! We have an open kitchen which makes interesting viewing!
  • Travellers with children : Welcome
  • We have a tatami room so feel free to bring your kids! We also have cutlery and plates for kids.
  • Travellers in wheelchairs : Welcome (no wheelchair access but we will assist you)
  • Vegetarian diners : Welcome (vegetarian menu options available)

 Busy Periods

  • Reservations possible. It is sometimes quite busy from 10:00pm until closing.

 Photos Welcome

  • Feel free to take photos of your meal
  • We can take photos for you (please ask our staff)
  • Please call the staff

 For Foreign Guests

  • Taberukoto English menu available
  • We're good at gestures!



Today is Wednesday, Jul. 28 2021
Please note our trading hours below

  • Mon.
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Tue.
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Wed.
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Thu.
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Fri.
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Sat.
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Sun.
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)
  • Public Holidays
    18:30 - am1:00(L.O  am0:30)

 Temporary changes to opening hours

  • None currently

 Temporary closures / Booked out

  • None currently

 Address / Map

, 117 Kusatsu, Agatsuma Gun Kusatsu Machi, Gunma Prefecture 377-1711    Google Maps Google Maps


  • station: Walk 1 minute → Take bus from Naganohara Kusatsu-guchi bus stop towards Kusatsu Onsen (approx. 30 minutes) → Get off at Kusatsu Onsen bus stop 8-minute walk from Kusatsu bus terminal.

 Phone number

0279-88-9462   ※Reservations accepted (no English-speaking staff)

TOKAEN Some Details

 Seating Type / Availability

  • Total seats
  • Counter/bar
  • Table
  • Floor

 Smoking / non-smoking

  • Smoking

 Free wi-fi



No parking (please use the nearby coin operated parking station)

 Service fee / Late-night charge / Appetizer charge


  • After meal (table)
  • Credit cards Not accepted

 Restaurant Established

Dec, 1993