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About Temple Town Ikegami

Ikegami is a town with many historic areas

Flourishing as temple town with Ikegami Honmonji Temple at its centre,
Ikegami has over 12 shopping districts around
its station filled with more than 600 shops.

Rest on a traditional bench covered in red felt, and chat with passersby.

This still happens in Ikegami, with its views reminiscent of old Japan.

Come to Ikegami and experience the joy of new connections and experiences.

Enjoy Temple Town Ikegami, with a slower pace of life.

Ikegami District Shopping
Association Federation
Tadashi Muraishi

12 shopping streets in Ikegami

  • Hyowakai

  • Ikegami Honmonjidori Shotenkai

  • Ikegami Hondori Shotenkai

  • Tsutsumikatashoeikai

  • Ikegami Yanagihondorikai

  • Himesyaradorikai

  • Todendorikai

  • Ikegami Ekimaedori Shotenkai

  • Ikegami Nakadori Shotenkai

  • Ikegami Nishiginza Mutsumikai

  • Ikegami Higashiguchi Shotenkai

  • Ikegami Sakuradori Shotenkai

Welcome to Ikegami

Welcome to Ikegami

House Café Rengtsu
Motofumi Wajima

Murakuten Workshop
Ken and Youko Hanada

Sesame Shop Iitomo
Shizuko Tajiro

Nire no ki
Nakazawa Toru

Takuma Oono

Nozomi and Akiro Iwahara

3 Stages of Ikegami Experiences

Every store is located within a 15min walk of Ikegami Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line. The experiences in iffer are unique to Ikegami and are available in 3 stages. Make it to stage 3, and you’re an “Ikegami Master” Here we introduce a number of recommendations out of the 600 on offer in Temple Town Ikegami. There are many more wonderful stores in addition to those listed here. Please enjoy your Ikegami experience.




  1. STAGE1

    A regular experience

  2. STAGE2

    Experience it like a real local

  3. STAGE3

    Spend your experience connecting with people

Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Enjoy a calm, reflective experience with a purifying visit to a temple.

Stage 1: Temple Prayer

Time: approx. 30minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY5 (any coin)

Throw your coin in the box and put your hands together in a prayer position. Pray for things like health, or peace, and finish with one bow. Prayers at temples differ from shrines, so be careful not to clap your hands as you would at a shrine.

Stage 2: Ink Stamp

Time: approx. 5minno reservation required
Cost: JPY500

After your prayer, you can receive a red ink stamp from the temple priest as evidence of your visit. It’s a nice memento of the blessings you’ve received from the temple. *Please note, not all temples provide this service.

Stage 3: Temple Breakfast

Time: approx. 30minreservation required
Cost: free

7am every Monday/1st Sunday of the month (after morning service).
After the morning service (suntra chant), partake in rice porridge in the traditional Japanese “seiza” (kneeling) position. It is good manners to use your pickled vegetables to scrape up and eat every grain of rice. Let us also remember to be grateful for our meal.


Name: Nichiren Shonin Honmonji temple
Address: 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-375202331 (main line)

Honmonji Temple, known as the home of Nichiren Buddhism. Appearing at the top of a 96 stone step climb is the calming and majestic form of the main hall. Built in the Edo period (1607), the temple’s pagoda has been designated as an important cultural property.

House Café Rengetsu

Immerse yourself in the retro atmosphere of this café that is located in a renovated, old wooden Japanese house.

Stage 1: House Cafe

Time: approx. 45minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY1,000

Enjoy some quiet time surrounded by wooden fittings including sliding doors and window frames. Why not take some time to consider how people lived in the old Japanese style?

Stage 2: Calligraphy Class

Time: approx.. 1hrreservation required
Cost: from JPY8,000

Calligraphy is an art form that has been part of the Japanese lifestyle from long ago. Calm your heart and use the brush and ink to write Japanese characters.

Stage 3: Traditional Dress

Time: approx. 1hrreservation required
Cost: from JPY10,000

Traditional kimono are not easy to wear. Be dressed by a pro and experience the beauty of the textiles and the feel of the clothes on you.

Reservations for Stage 2

Rengetsu(House café) Calligraphy Lesson
Name: Neigetsu(Japanese Calligraphic Designer)
Working in design and education under the concept “wa is modern” (“wa” refers to the traditional Japanese style). We run calligraphy lessons close to Honmonji Temple in Ikegami, Ota-ku.

Please e-mail neigetsu@gmail.com to make a reservation.

Reservations for Stage 3

Traditional dress at the “Ikegami Kimono Café”.
An opportunity for women who love kimono to stroll around Ikegami in traditional dress. Our friendly business works towards making Ikegami a “town for kimono”. From 2018 we are trying to operate at all the train stations on the Ikegami line!

For enquiries about kimono walk events or for those who wish to participate,please e-mail: ikegamikomonocafe@gmail.com - Each event has 3 places for women only - Please contact us for enquiries about kimono dressing or rental kimono Ikegami Kimono Café Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/ikegami.kimono.cafe/


Name: House Café Rengetsu
Address: 2-20-11 Ikegamu, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6410-5459

A popular café established in a renovated house originally built in 1927. The house used to be a soba restaurant called Rengetsuan. Visitors come from far and wide to experience this café which keeps the best of the past, but provides an atmosphere that blends well with the present.

Murakuten Workshop

Pottery is the art of making crockery and other wares out of clay. Complete your own creation at the workshop.

Stage 1: Ceramic Painting

Time: approx. 2hrsreservation required
Cost: JPY2,000 (collect your cup in 2 weeks)
※Please contact us regarding overseas shipping.

Paint a picture on an unglazed cup especially made for this activity. Enjoy touching the ceramic and experiencing the atmosphere of the workshop.

Stage 2: Pottery Wheel

Time: approx. 2hrsreservation required
Cost: JPY2,000 (talk to us about pick up timing)
※Please contact us regarding overseas shipping.

Try out the pottery wheel and feel like a potter. Enjoy the challenge of keeping the round shape smooth as the shape of your spinning work changes depending on the pressure from your hands.
※Limited to those staying.

Stage 3: Complete Creation with a Kiln

Time: 3 x 2hr sessionsreservation required
Cost: JPY4,500 (3 times in a month)

Bake your completed ceramic at high temperatures in a kiln to completion. Enjoy the anticipation of seeing your ceramic shrink in the kiln, and the colours of your painting change.
※Limited to those staying.


Name: Murakuten Workshop
Address: 1st floor, Suzuki Bldg., 2-6-21 Nishi-susukida, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3753-6734

A fun, homely ceramics workshop.

Snack Sakuranbo

Have a drink at the counter of a Showa era “snack” bar and try karaoke!

Stage 1: A Japanese “Snack” Experience

Time: approx. 60minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY1,500

Come along to a snack bar that has existed in front of Ikegami station for years. Pay the Japanese-style table charge and receive “otoushi” (a small item of food) and one drink. Take particular note of the dimly lit and unique interior, characteristic of a snack bar.
※There will be a table charge of JPY1,500 per person (includes one drink and a small food item).

Stage 2: Karaoke and Clap-along

Time: approx. 5minno reservation required
Cost: JPY300 (cost per song)

Try out some karaoke. It doesn’t have to be in Japanese! If your audience starts clapping along, make sure you clap too and get everyone going!
※There will be a table charge of JPY1,500 per person (includes one drink and a small food item).

Stage 3: Connect with the Owner and Mama

Time: unlimitedno reservation required
Cost: free

The best thing about snack bars is the conversations over the counter. Try talking to the handsome owner or Mama-san caretaker of the day to feel like one of the family.
※There will be a table charge of JPY1,500 per person (includes one drink and a small food item).


Name: Snack Sakuranbo
Address: 6-8-8 Ikegami, Ota-ku. Tokyo
Phone: 03-3751-0988
Otoushi (minimum charge): JPY1,500 (includes one drink and snack)
Karaoke: free to 9pm, JPY300 per song after 9pm

The closest snack bar to Ikegami station. From its establishment around 1975, the owner has been serving up delicious food and drinks. There is even a rare jukebox left in this frozen-in-time bar.

Kimono the Hattori

Japanese traditional clothing and kimono. Beautiful designs that you’ve got to try.

Stage 1: Buy a Kimono

Time: approx. 30minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY7,000 (for a kimono)

Various styles of kimono line the walls at Hattori’s. There are also plenty of accessories you’ll need to dress Japanese style, such as under kimonos, tabi socks, sandals and bags in a variety of colors.

Stage 2: Try on a Kimono

Time: approx. 30minno reservation required
Cost: free

Try on a kimono of your choosing to check the size and fit. It may be worth getting a shop assistant to take a look for you as well.

Stage 3: Buy Kimono, Town Walk

Time: approx. 30minno reservation required
Cost: From JPY7,000(dressing free for purchasers of kimono)

Wrapping yourself in Japanese designs and taking a stroll around Temple Town Ikegami will make your heart sing. You may find that your gestures naturally become more graceful. Make a wonderful memory for yourself.


Name: Kimono the Hattori (Ikegami Honmonji Temple shopping district)
Address: 4-31-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3751-1669

Kimono the Hattori sells kimonos starting at JPY7,000. There is one to suit every style. Dressing in the kimono you purchase is included free of charge. If you have a large group, please contact us by phone.

Sesame Shop Iitomo

Discover sesame, a favorite of the Japanese people.

Stage 1: Tasting

Time: approx. 15minno reservation required
Cost: free

On top of regular sesame seeds, we have a variety of processed foods including snacks and side dishes. Sample our range to see what product suits your palette.

Stage 2: Purchasing

Time: approx. 30minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY500

If you find a product you like, buy it! For yourself, or a souvenir, or something to give back to others.

Stage 3: Factory Tour

Time: approx. 30minreservation required
Cost: free

Only available from 9-10am. Come and take a look at the sesame factory. See the variety of products created from aromatic sesame seeds.

This program is currently being postponed.


Name: Sesame Shop Iitomo
Address: 4-18-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3752-5084

Sesame Shop Iitomo is place to go for classic Ikegami souvenirs. The sesame-loving owners keep on creating delicious, original products. We wish for good health for all.

Green tea/Stationery/Traditional snacks (dagashi)

Get your hands on some handy everyday Japanese items while connecting with the shop keepers.

Stage 1: Green Tea

Time: approx. 30min
Cost: from JPY1,000

Taste different types of Japanese tea including classic green tea or roasted green tea to find the right one for you. Visitors to the store will also be shown the correct way to brew the teas.

Stage 2: Stationery

Time: approx. 30min
Cost: from JPY500

Japan’s stationery is known for its detail, high functionality and quality. Try it once and you will likely become hooked. Perfect for gifts as well.

Stage 3: Traditional Snacks (Dagashi)

Time: approx. 30min
Cost: from JPY100

Japanese “dagashi” are cheap snacks that children can buy with their pocket money. Enjoy a chat with the women running the store while you choose your snacks.


Name: Green Tea and Nori Kouroen (Ikegami Naka-douri shopping district)
Address: 3-32-20 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-375304902

It is Japanese tradition to drink green tea on any occasion – whether it be for visitors or taking a break. This shop specializes in the tea that Japanese people cannot live without. We also sell pots, cups, and other tea paraphernalia.


Name: Matsuya Stationery (Ikegami Station shopping district)
Address: 6-2-19 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-3751-2532

A stationery store with everything from school supplies for children to office supplies for adults and gift packaging, files, clips, paper etc. Our knowledgeable staff are extremely reliable.


Name: Aokiya (dagashi)
Address: 2-10-8 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo

A “dagashi” store where neighborhood children gather after school. Since the store is tiny, our rule is that only 3 people may enter at a time. Our kind and occasionally strict staff take care of the children who come here.

Voga Corte Chidoricho

This popular guesthouse is one train station or a short stroll from Ikegami.

Stage 1: Stay at a Japanese Guesthouse

Time: from 2 nights/3 days stay
Cost: from JPY7,000 per room, per nightreservation required

All our rooms are beautiful! You’ll enjoy the different rooms with Japanese-themed wallpaper such as the “Ninja” or “Red Mt Fuji” rooms.

Stage 2: Experience a Japanese Lifestyle

Time: as long as you like
Cost: free

Our rooms are similar to a Japanese one room apartment. Try out the precisely laid-out, functional beauty of small spaces that you can only get in Japan.
※Limited to those staying.

Stage 3: Take a Rental Bicycle to Ikegami

Time: approx. 30min
Cost: from JPY150

We have rental bikes available at our guesthouse. Try taking one to Ikegami to see a the area from a different perspective.
※Limited to those staying.
Official HP:http://docomo-cycle.jp/ota/


Name: Voga Corte Chidoricho
Address: 3-13-12 hidori, Ota-ku, Tokyo

It is clean and fashionable popular guest house. Long stay possible. Free Wi-Fi, private bathroom, washing machine, microwave and electric kettle are included. I can stay as I live. The basic fee is also attractive, from 7,000 yen per room / night. It is approximately 8 km to Haneda Airport

Rice Crackers/Sweets/Yakitori

Enjoy a range of delicious flavors while trying traditional Japanese foods.

Stage 1: Rice Crackers at Azumaya

Time: approx. 15minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY108

Osembei (rice crackers) are a simple Japanese snack. They go well with Japanese green tea so please try one with the other.

Stage 2: Sweets at Asanoya

Time: approx. 45minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY390

A café selling traditional Japanese sweets. Try a variety of sweet treats made with unique Japanese ingredients such as: anmitsu (agar cubes topped with sweet red bean paste), mitsumame (mixed bowl of sweet beans, fruit and agar cubes) and kuzumochi (arrowroot cakes topped with sweet kinako soybean powder and brown sugar syrup).

Stage 3: Yakitori at Fukunokara

Time: approx. 15minno reservation required
Cost: from JPY120

Japanese yakitori is grilled chicken skewers. This classic menu item is much loved as an accompaniment to alcohol. Just watch out for the ends of the sharp skewers when you are eating.


Name: Azumaya (Ikegami Honmonji Temple shopping district)
Address: 4-32-8 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3751-1882

Maker of home-made square rice cakes for around 80 years. Rice cakes made of carefully selected ingredients are grilled daily. Many of our customers will only buy their osembei from here. Bulk buying also available.


Name: Sweet store, Asanoya-honpo (Ikegami Honmonji Temple shopping district)
Address: 4-32-7 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3753-7539

In operation since 1752, this café prides themselves on specializing in their best-selling kuzumochi and Japanese sweets. The café creates sweet Japanese flavors with special ingredients and unique techniques.


Name: Karaage Kappo Fukunokara Ikegami (Ikegami Station shopping district)
Address: 6-3-7 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo

The very same store that is known for its large chunks of juicy karaage chicken. The deliciousness of that chicken continues into their free range yakitori chicken menu. Enjoy the full hit of meat filled with umami.

Temple Town Ikegami – Seasonal Events

January: Ikegami Honmonji Temple: Ladder Climbing Ceremony

This event comes from the Edo period when fire fighters would climb ladders to check out fires. The ladder tricks are amazing! Information also provided in English and French. Date: 2nd Monday of January Location: In front of the main hall at Ikegami Honmonji Temple, 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3752-2331 (main line)

February: Ikegami Honmonji Temple: Setsubun Ceremony

Our colourful guests will scatter beans for setsubun in order to drive out evil spirits and invite good luck. This lively event attracts many visitors to our grounds every year. Date: 3 February, 2-3pm Location: Ikegami Honmonji Temple grounds, 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3752-2331 (main line)
Bean scattering will be held from 3pm and will last about 5min.

March: Ikegami Plum Orchard

Plum flowers at Ikegami Plum Orchard are at their best for viewing from early March. Well over 350 plum trees bloom with red and white plum flowers in this orchard located west of Ikegami Honmonji Temple. Location: Ikegami Plum Orchard, 2-2-13 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3753-1658 (Ikegami Plum Orchard Office) Opening Hours: 9:00 – 16:30
Entry fee: adults - JPY100, children – JPY20

April: Ikegami Honmonji Temple Spring Festival

Held to celebrate Buddha’s birthday (April 8) and the coming of Spring. The Spring Festival to celebrate these two events includes food stalls and a variety of musical performances. Date: 1st Saturday and Sunday of April from 10am – 5pm Location: Ikegami Honmonji Temple oval, 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3752-2331 (main line)

June: Hydrangeas at Myokendo

See a myriad of colorful hydrangeas in bloom between Myokendo hill and Myokendo Temple. The beauty of the flowers when seen at this time of year is a sight to calm your heart. Date: mid-June Location: Myokendo Temple, 1-31-10 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3754-6624

July: Listen to the sound of 500 wind chimes

This event began in 2004. The refreshing ringing of 500 traditional wind chimes hung in the trees around Ikegami Honmonji Temple work to lift one’s spirits. Date: July 1 to around July 20 Location: Ikegami Honmonji Temple grounds, 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3752-2331 (main line)

August: Ikegami Honmonji Temple Mitama Festival (bon dance)

The parade on the 4th and bon dance on the 5th are the main events. A fun summer festival resounding with the sounds of drums and music, with priests also joining in the bon dance circle. Date: August 4 and 5, 6pm – 9pm Location: Ikegami Honmonji Temple grounds, 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3752-2331 (main line)

October: Ikegami Honmonji Temple: Temple Service

Ikegami Honmonji Temple’s commemoration ceremony for Nichiren Shonin. The main part of this event is the “Buddhist Lantern Ceremony”, where participants beat drums and shake paper battle standards as they walk to Honmonji’s main temple. Date: October 11-13 Location: Around Ikegami Honmonji Temple, 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-3752-2331 (main line) * The Buddhist Lantern Ceremony is only on 12 October from 6pm-10pm.

3rd Sunday of the month: Ikegami Honmonji Temple Morning Market

Held in the courtyard at the bottom of Honmonji Temple’s stone stairs. Selling fresh produce including foodstuffs, vegetables, bric-a-brac etc. Date: 3rd Sunday of the month (excepting July, August, January and February) Location: Ikegami Honmonji Temple, main gate to stone stairs, 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Traffic access

Train ▼
Tokyu Ikegami Line "Ikegami Station"
Access from Haneda Airport (approximately 30 minutes)
Ride: Haneda Airport Keikyu Line (approximately 9 minutes by Takasago train)
Get off: Keikyu Kamata (10 minutes on foot)
Ride: JR Kamata Ikegami Line (about 3 minutes by train to Gotanda)
Get off: Ikegami

Bus ▼
Access from Haneda Airport (about 40 minutes)
Ride: Keikyu bus (BUS STOP 11) BUS NO 95 Kamata station
Get off at Kamata station
Ride: JR Kamata Ikegami Line (about 3 minutes by train to Gotanda)
Get off: Ikegami