The most visited mountain in the world
is also a famous tourist destination.


Places to visit around Mt Takao

Mt Takao

Takao-san (Mt Takao) offers 6 hiking courses featuring the natural beauty and changing landscape of the four seasons, and is also known as a famous tourist destination, receiving many, many visitors every year. Part of its attraction is its accessibility to visitors of all ages with a cable car and chair lifts available to ride up the mountain.

An area including the mountain top is designated "Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi-National Park", preserving both the natural environment and buildings on the mountain. Mt Takao also has a long history as a holy mountain and the Shingon Buddhist Yakuo-in temple on the mountainside is one of the 3 major temples of the Kanto region, alongside the Naritasan Shinshoji and Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji temples. The restaurants and souvenir stores that line the foot of the mountain offer many local specialties.

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Takao 599 Museum

Takao 599 Museum opened on Tuesday, 11 August 2015 in the foothills of the major drawcard in this area, Mt Takao. The "video space" offers a dynamic look at the nature of Mt Takao, while the "exhibition space" houses an exhibition of the beautiful flora of the four seasons, insects and other items. Visit the "relaxation space" for a cafe set with tables and chairs made locally in Tama, or the museum shop where you can buy a range of original items.

All-about Mt Takao's merits, the museum also offers a video information guide to Mt Takao's trails and hiking etiquette as well as a "kid's space" formed in the undulating shape of the mountain.

Please visit us before or after climbing the mountain to rest and learn about Mt Takao's natural environment and hiking trails. http://www.takao599museum.jp/


Local cuisine

"Mt Takao tororo soba"
The restaurants serving Mt Takao's specialty, soba (buckwheat) noodles with grated yam, offer a variety of tastes. Be sure to try Mt Takao's superb "tororo soba".


A Mt Takao specialty - "goblin cakes". The aromatic crunchy exterior and soft-baked inside of the cake holds a filling of lightly-sweetened black bean paste. We recommend trying one straight off the hot pan!


Takaosan-guchi Tourist Information Center (Nicknamed "Musasabi House" or "House of the Flying Squirrel")

Inside the station building at Takaosan-guchi station on the Keio line is the "Takaosan-guchi Tourist Information Center", offering a wide range of information on places to see in the Hachioji area including information on the mountain, other sites to visit and local produce.

The centre also offers assistance in multiple languages for foreign visitors. Please feel free to drop by.


Getting there

Easy access by train from central Tokyo (around 1hr)

49min on the JR Chuo line from Shinjuku to Takao station
50min by semi-express on the Keio line from Shinjuku to Takaosan-guchi

5min by car from the Takaosan interchange on the Shuto expressway


Traveller-friendly restaurants

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Restaurants listed on Taberukoto provide all information a traveller may need and will have English menus so you can enjoy a stress-free meal.

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