Rugby × Taberukoto

Taberukoto is backing world rugby!

Here at Taberukoto we’ve kicked off a project to support rugby through food as Japan gets ready to host the Rugby World Cup in 2019. As the host country, we’re getting more Japanese people informed and excited about rugby and, in the process, getting everyone ready to welcome overseas rugby fans through this project. At Taberukoto we’ll be working with restaurants and rugby players to get more and more people interested in rugby, supporting rugby and watching rugby as well as working hard to raise the profile of the sport in Japan.

Through this project we’ll be approaching people who may not have had an interest in rugby or any contact with the sport to date through a variety of channels. We’ll also be making flyers about the sport and matches, and advertising through the Taberukoto website and collaborating restaurants.


Get excited with original rugby-themed meals!

Restaurants will create a rugby-themed original dish for us to show their support of the sport.

We may still be a small website, but lots of restaurants are going to be bringing you their rugby-themed dishes from now on so rugby fans around the world, look out!

Getting the players involved!

The “Taberukoto in Support of Rugby” project has been rolled out with the cooperation of Japan team captain Michael Leitch, as well as current and past players of the sport.

We have received full support for our concept of “ensuring that every traveler, be they locals or foreign visitors, enjoys their meal, anytime, anywhere in Japan” and the creation of the “supporting rugby through food project”.

With this project we will work to increase the number of restaurants on Taberukoto to bring you even more traveler friendly stores; we’ll get everyone excited about rugby for 2019 and beyond; and we’ll make sure that all the tourists and travelers visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup can feel at ease and enjoy their dining experience throughout Japan.


 I want people to appreciate Japan

Michael Leitch

Approaching 2019 we're going to see lots of rugby fans visiting Japan from overseas and I want them to appreciate Japan when they come. Through rugby, I've traveled to a lot of different countries and out of anywhere, Japan is definitely the best in the world for excellent food and customer service.

Let's use Taberukoto to let all the rugby fans know how great Japan is and to tell them about our wonderful restaurants. And let's all work together to create an environment where our many foreign visitors can eat in Japan stress-free and make the 2019 Rugby World Cup a success!
I support Taberukoto!

 I think it's hard for foreigners to eat out in Japan.

Craig Wing

Living in Japan for the past 6 years I have come to love Japan. In particular the vast array of local and international restaurants and cuisine. Over time I have become confident when choosing to dine at restaurants where English menus or English language may not be available. However, with so many friends from around the world visiting me here in Japan, I am frequently reminded of how difficult it is for foreigners to dine out. Even friends who have lived here for sometime find it difficult when they have no understanding of the Japanese language. Taberkoto is the perfect tool for any foreigner with limited or no knowledge of the Japanese language to enjoy the amazing cuisine Japan has to offer with confidence and in a convenient and easy fashion. All the necessary information is available, detailed description of the specialty menu is great. Also knowing the restaurant has English menus and possibly English speaking staff will make the experience much more easier and far more enjoyable.

 It's got all the information a foreigner could want

Matt Saunders

After living in Japan for 4 years I still find it hard to find places to eat! Taberkoto looks perfect! It's very detailed so that you have everything you need to know beforehand. It has all the information I think a person that doesn't speak Japanese would need. One thing I like is the details of the restaurants most popular dishes. Sometimes that's s all a person needs to get their attention and make you want to eat there and the tips on how to actually eat your food can be valuable information for people not familiar with Japan etiquette. The site is easy to navigate which makes it fast and easy to use. I'd like this to become a website where you can view information on restaurants everywhere, and for it to be used by all visitors to Japan by the time of the 2019 World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I'll definitely recommend Taberukoto to all my friends who visit Japan.I'll definitely be recommending Taberukoto to all my friends who plan to visit Japan.