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Kanoya Athlete Restaurant on board

In preparation for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, Taberukoto kicked off the “supporting rugby through food project”.
We’re working with restaurants and rugby players to get more and more people interested in rugby, supporting rugby and watching rugby as well as working hard to raise the profile of the sport in Japan.
The Kanoya Athlete Restaurant has given their full support to this project, making our dream of collaborating with them a reality.


"A Meal for the Hardest Training in the World" is born!

Available from 16 March at all Kanoya Athlete Restaurant outlets

Under the concept of creating a menu to support the daily training of players, dishes that meet all the nutritional needs of an athlete have been developed in conjunction with nutritionist Akiko Kawatani (who works with everyone from children to professional athletes), Kanoya Athlete Restaurant's resident nutritionist and feedback from players. Our original “collaboration menu” was taste-tested during development by players undergoing what is said to be the world's hardest training under coach Eddie Jones.


Forward Set (L size) 1,480 yen


Back Row Set (M size) 1,180 yen


Served with a green smoothie

Containing herb-roasted pork for a fix of protein for muscle production and carbs-to-energy-converting vitamin B; a green and yellow vegetable chicken Caesar salad filled with the vitamins and minerals that athletes require as well as a double protein hit with chicken and an easily digestible half-boiled egg that will support the hardest of training schedules; and almond milk in the tartar sauce of fried white fish and soy bean patties for anti-aging antioxidants. This is a dish that will support a strong body!

Let’s try it at home!

We’ll be uploading recipes that you can use to make "A Meal for the Hardest Training in the World" here. Stay tuned!

About Kanoya Athlete Restaurant

Kanoya Athlete Restaurant offers a balanced set meal of soup, rice and 3 main dishes of your choosing based on the Kanoya National Institute of Fitness and Sport’s Sports Nutrition School run by Senior Assistant Professor Nagashima. Perfect for the health-conscious, you can choose your dishes to suit your needs and see all the nutritional information for your chosen meal on your receipt.

Website : Kanoya Athlete Restaurant