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Sano ramen

One to try in Tochigi

Sano ramen in Tochigi Prefecture is said to have come from a Chinese chef who worked in a restaurant serving foreign cuisine in the Taisho era (1912-1926).
Sano ramen’s biggest characteristic is the “green bamboo” rolling technique used to make the noodles.
In this technique, the dough for the ramen is rolled with a thick piece of bamboo, which the roller holds under their knee for increased weight, making the noodles very smooth.
The ramen is often topped with char-sui roasted pork and shallots, and served with a flavorsome broth made on chicken stock and shoyu (soy sauce).
The reason this ramen is still loved by all, is the fact that anyone, from a child to an elderly person, can eat it every day without tiring of the taste.
Sano ramen is popular as a normal, reliable ramen dish - and one that you could eat everyday!
One of the most famous restaurants to serve sano ramen is Ogura-ya which uses famous Sano water and often has long lines of customers waiting.

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